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Veteran for Peace Fred Louis, and Organizers for Dahr Jamail's Will to Resist War Tour of CT

Talk Nation Radio for September 17, 20090

Veteran for Peace Fred Louis, and Organizers for Dahr Jamail's Will to Resist War Tour of CT

Fred Louis shares some reactions to Dahr Jamail's report that American soldiers are avoiding combat patrol missions. He is a Vietnam Veteran working for Peace who says GIs did the same thing during the Vietnam War. See Veterans for Peace.

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Short audio clips for montage about Iraq and Afghan Wars: Democracy Now, NPR Morning Edition, sound from Pepperspray Production, Eyewitness In Iraq, Dahr Jamail an Unembedded Report
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Connecticut Plans Six Events:
Topics: Six CT Events mark UN International Day of Peace

Fred Louis served in Vietnam as a U.S. Army infantryman from February 1968 to February 1969, it was a year that forever changed the Central Connecticut resident. He continues to deal with the long term effects of the war on his life and on the lives of his family members and friends. Louis plans to attend the Hope Out Loud Peace and Arts Festival in Hartford's Bushnell Park, in Connecticut September 20th, where Dahr Jamail will deliver the keynote address at 2:30 PM. Event starts at 12 Noon through 5 PM near the Carousel.

Organizers of Dahr Jamail's Connecticut tour join us to talk about the importance of having this independent journalist in Connecticut. They also discuss an upcoming peace march in Boston October 17th, and new energy within the American peace movement that is mobilizing to bring US forces home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

We hear from, Eastern Connecticut State University Professor Helma De Vries, in the Political Science Dept. at ECSU. She describes her reasons for selecting Dahr Jamail as a speaker for a major campus event in Willimantic, CT at ECSU, the Student Center, Betty Tipton RM, 1PM, press conf. at 12:30.

Peace activist and organizer Chris Hutchinson, is a teacher and organizer with Connecticut United for Peace. He talks about how important the events in Connecticut are to students and peace activists and explains that on the CCSU campus in New Britain, CT., there is a free speech challenge underway.

sign Miriam Kurland, an Eastern Connecticut media activist and key person at the Wrench in the Works Collective in Willimantic, Connecticut where Dahr Jamail speaks on Sept. 19th talks about the importance of looking honestly at what is happening in Iraq and organizing. There will be a workshop at the Wrench in the Works, on national legislation to prevent the US Military from stripping soldiers of their benefits when they speak out against the war or refuse to deploy.

Organizations sponsoring Dahr Jamail's Connecticut Events include:
9-19 Wrench in the Works Event: The wider Wrench in the Works community and Talk Nation Radio, Joseph and Dori Smith
9-20 The Hope Out Loud Event: Connecticut United for Peace, West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice, Hope Out Loud, Socialist Action, CT, Manchester Peace Coalition, We Refuse to Be Enemies, National Lawyers Guild, CT, International Socialist Organization, CT, Middle East Crisis Committee, Connecticut Students Against the War, Endorsers: Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, TransAdvocacy, CT People of Faith.
9-20 The Dodd Center, University of Connecticut Event: WHUS FM 91.7, Talk Nation Radio, The Daily Campus, The UCONN Free Press
9-21 Eastern Connecticut State University Event: Promoting Enduring Peace.
9-21 Central Connecticut State University: Ad hoc group and Connecticut Students against the War
9-21 Dahr Jamail and David Rovics, Wesleyan University, Memorial Chapel, Wespeace at Wesleyan University and WESU FM 88.1

There are six educational and organizing events in Connecticut in all over the 19th, 20th and 21st, featuring Dahr Jamail, who will speak about what is really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan today, the impact of independent journalists, and how more than six years of war has impacted US soldiers who have been deployed and redeployed, regardless of their condition of health or their stated willingness to go.

DAHR JAMAIL Connecticut Will to Resist War Book Tour
The General Public is invited to all Six FREE Events from Sept. 19th 20th and 21st Click Here for further information.

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