Friday, November 4, 2011

Leah Bolger of VFP Occupies Super Committee, Activist arrested for second time occupying DC Hearings

Talk Nation Radio for November 4, 2011
Leah Bolger of VFP Occupies Super Committee, Activist arrested for second time occupying DC Hearings

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Our guest is Leah Bolger, Vice President of Veterans for Peace and former U.S. Navy Commander.
On October 26, 2011 she stood up at the meeting of the so-called Super Committee, or Deficit Committee, to make the case for cuts to military spending. Leah Bolger is from Oregon and she testified before the state legislature there. For the federal hearing, she was not an invited witness, and she was arrested. She explained her action in an OPED published by OPED News, November 3, 2011. Leah Bolger is Vice President of Veterans for Peace and a former U.S. Navy Commander. She hails from Oregon, and more recently, the encampment at Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C. You can read her oped titled, What I Told The Supercommittee, At OPED News or go to and October2011.0rg. New plans include an Occupied Super Committee event for the 99% on November 9th

Andrew Fieldhouse, Economic Policy Institute will discuss tax policy
Carl Conetta Project on Defense Alternatives on military spending
Margaret Flowers, Physicians for National Health Program on health care
Gar Alperovitz on ways the 99 percent can start democratizing the economy now.

From the and Press Release: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- which the occupiers call the "lead corporate bully" -- with a focus on the military-industrial complex and the need to dramatically cut spending on weapons and war. Earlier in the week the Chamber was shut down by the Occupy Movement for the second time for its advocacy of more foreclosures. "At a time when the economy is suffering the after effects of the housing bubble bursting, it is time for the government to stop foreclosures, require mortgages reflect the real value of homes -- not the housing bubble values and make sure that the collapsing housing market stops dragging down the economy," said activist Kevin Zeese. The Chamber was also shut down on the first day of the Freedom Plaza occupation, October 6, in a jobs protest.

Related News: Income Gap becomes Politicians Latest Battleground: November 4, 2011, NPR’s Mara Liasson reports that “GOP strategist Ed Rogers thinks Republicans need to offer their own solutions to the widening gap between the rich and everyone else, which he believes is a real problem. "The answer to income inequality isn't to confiscate [from] the few and spread out among the many," he says. "They tried that in Havana. They tried that in Moscow. It hasn't worked. “The solution is to build a bigger pie where more people get a bigger slice."
Observation: If the “pie” grows in 2012, U.S. and foreign investors seem fully capable and well placed to take whatever gains in size may be accomplished. That at least is what they have done year after year for the past few decades.

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