Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Revolution Will be Televised, Politics of Tax Day Tea Parties

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Sprouts for April 22, 2009
This Week on Sprouts: Tax Day Tea Parties

This Revolution will be Televised

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We hear from Brian Frederick, Deputy Editorial Director at Media Matters for America in Washington DC, Thomas MacMillan of the New Haven Independent in New Haven Connecticut, and Peter Howe, of Boston's NECN TV, a founding member of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting put together in collaboration with journalism organizations in New England and Boston University.

We study the politics behind Tax Day Tea Party demonstrations April 15th. They were not so much 'grass roots' as 'AstroTurf' roots, says MacMillan.

We examine the media coverage that helped numerous Republican candidates like Connecticut's Rob Simmons, use FOX Network as a kind of Tax Day Campaign Headquarters. Fox's Connecticut affiliate has now merged with the state's largest newspaper, the Hartford Courant. And we featuring portions of an audio history of the Tax Day media coverage by Fox and other networks on Media Matters for America and County Fair, their blog.

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