Thursday, February 10, 2011

Journalist Heiko Wimmen on Lebanon: Transitional Political Figures

Talk Nation Radio for February 2, 2011
Journalist Heiko Wimmen on Lebanon, Transitional Political Figures

Scholar and journalist Heiko Wimmen provides an overview of the political landscape. He has covered Lebanese politics for German print and broadcast media since the late 1990s and is author of “The Long, Steep Fall of the Lebanon Tribunal,” published in Middle East Report Online, December 1, 2010.

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Lebanon is fracturing along sectarian lines in wake of transition from Hariri to new PM Najib Miqati who is still putting together his cabinet. The process is heavily impacted by the special tribunal set up with US support. Leaks abound, so does confusion.

Next time on Talk Nation Radio, another feature on Lebanon. An interview with Marc J. Sirois, who has been covering the Middle East, based in Lebanon, since 1997. Over many years as managing editor of The Daily Star newspaper in Beirut, he has trained dozens of journalists now working around the world. Currently a freelancer and consultant for several organizations, he’s also available for training seminars and public speaking engagements.

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