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AWOL over PTSD, Jeff Hanks is Helped by IVAW's Operation Recovery

Talk Nation radio for November 10, 2010
AWOL over PTSD, Jeff Hanks is Helped by IVAW's Operation Recovery
1st Infantryman Jeff Hanks, Reporter Sarah Lazare

Jeff Hanks is AWOL and the group Iraq Veterans Against the War is supporting him as part of a new campaign called Operation Recovery. is the web site, they are asking the Military and the White House to stop deploying soldiers that have been wounded and pushed beyond the limits of humanity and end Afghan War. A U.S. Army Infantryman who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jeff Hanks sought medical help at his military base for symptoms of combat stress. He had an appointment at a clinic for mental health services but the Military command wanted to hurry along his redeployment to Afghanistan. We also hear from Sarah Lazare, the reporter who told Jeff Hank’s story on She is part of a support network for soldiers called: The Civilian Soldier Alliance working in collaboration with IVAW, Iraq Veterans against the War. Courage to Resist is also working to help Jeff Hanks and other soldiers like him.

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Contact the group Iraq Veterans Against the War online at or try the GI Rights hotline, their number is 877-447-4487. email them at or find them online at

CLIP: On November 6th Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told NPR’s Scott Simon that the military doesn’t understand the problem of suicide and not much is known about it. Jeff Hanks calls on the President and the Military to visit clinics where soldiers and veterans are being treated, and simply ask them what they need.

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