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Gaza Flotilla - Not Terrorists: Ret. Col. Ann Wright, and Robert Parry on CENTCOM Report Critical of Israel

This week's Sprouts: Gaza Flotilla - Not Terrorists
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Thursday, July 15, 2010 3PM EST
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This week's stories:
This week on Sprouts we hear portions of a talk given by Ret. Col. Ann Wright at Real Art Ways, in Hartford, Connecticut. June 30, 2010. WHUS Radio sponsored the event.

Ret. Col. Wright recounted her experiences while on board one of eight vessels that made up the Gaza Freedom Flotilla boarded by Israeli commandos May 31, 2010. Nine people were killed, fifty shot, according to Wright. She talked about Israeli weapons fire that came before the commandos landed on the Mavi Marmara, stun grenades, and went over other evidence that is likely to be discussed under conditions of independent investigations.

Journalist Mark Perry talks about his story in Foreign Policy Magazine on 'The Red Team Report', on the Middle East. The report was critical of U.S. and Israeli policy that marginalizes Hamas and Hezbollah, and suggests they be mainstreamed. According to Mark Perry, a senior officer he spoke with was not impressed by comments like that of Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon who charged that the Turkish flotilla activists, "had ties to agents of international terror, international Islam, Hamas, al Qaeda, and others".

Mark Perry's Pentagon source said: "Putting Hizballah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda in the same sentence, as if they are all the same, is just stupid". – "I don't know any intelligence officer at CENTCOM who buys that."

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