Thursday, December 31, 2009

Egyptian Police Beat Americans and others in Sreets of Cairo during Protests

Talk Nation Radio special with breaking news from Cairo
December 31, 2009
Delegates from USA and other countries were beaten in Cairo. We get updates from two delegates to Gaza Freedom March who were beaten and thrown to sidewalk atop others already collapsed there. One French delegate killed by Egyptian riot police. The protest was strictly peaceful. Some civil disobedience was used after Egypt canceled permits for public meeting.

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New Year's Special part 2 (corrected, we deleted the Marie Renee content, she has sadly died but of a heart attack in Cairo. We will provide another update with more clear corrections but this program is now fine to air as corrected. Thank you and again we regret our error.)

3PM EDT Cairo: We heard from Christopher Hutchinson, two Connecticut residents in Cairo, that they were beaten by Egyptian police while trying to protest their inability to enter Gaza. The Egyptians allowed only a few delegates of the 1400 in Cairo to go across into Gaza. At the end of this special broadcast we hear another breaking news update:

A French citizen, Marie Renee, has died from injuries sustained at the hands of Egyptian security forces during a demonstration with the Gaza Freedom March on Thursday, December 31st. There are reports that another woman and man with Renee may have also been seriously injured after being beaten. And another woman has died at Cairo hospital, she was not injured at the hands of police but had a heart attack. Finally, a Moroccan-Italian member of the delegation is at the hospital after being punched in the face, according to Media Benjamin of Codepink.

Reports said the woman died in the Cairo Hospital. She was traveling with a French delegation of approximately 300 nationals.

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  1. Please update this news.

    I have been tasked by Ali Abunimah, and Gaza Freedom Marcher to be sure the correct story is presented.

    Marie Renee Le Grand died today of a heart attack. It was not during the protests, but before she left the hotel.

    The original story was taken from a Ma'an News Agency story that was quickly retracted. Even the story has been edited to say there is no fact source.

    Marie Renee Le Grand was of the French delegation AFPS. Their statement on her death is below.

    The statements web link is:

    Our very dear friend Marie-Renée Le Grand, national leader of our association - Association France Palestine Solidarité - died a natural death December 31, 2009 in Cairo.

    It has made its final journey to Gaza, militant labor and determined it was for peace in the Middle East.

    We will make it in France homage it deserves.

    Without waiting we want to express to her husband Jean-Loup, present also in Cairo for the March of Freedom, and his family, our profound sadness and ensure all our affection.

    Jean-Claude Lefort, President of the AFPS


    That Gaza had been his last trip for us is symbolic of the commitment of a lifetime.

    Marie-Renée Le Grand, our friend, our comrade, died in Cairo.

    She arrived alongside militants AFD the march of freedom, determined to break the blockade of Gaza. She died suddenly of cardiac arrest December 31.

    Marie-Renee, we have known in Angers in 2001 early in the local group of the AFPS. She was among those with and those that never dulls the ability to revolt and was therefore quite naturally took his place in the struggle for Palestine. Seeing her, one was immediately struck by the energy, determination in his eyes.

    Always available for a militant response, she went several times on missions in the Palestinian territories and especially in Jenin under curfew in October 2002. Suppressed without explanation after a night of detention at the airport in Tel Aviv in 2003, she was furious at not being able to go back now and had naturally found in the march for freedom

    Member of National Council of the AFD, and BN until our last convention, she had to retire leaving Anjou and its investment in the professional world of psychiatry to join the UK where she had once shared the struggles of peasantry.

    That Gaza had been his last trip for us is symbolic of the commitment of a lifetime.

    A Jean-Loup Septier his companion, his children and all his family, we extend our sympathy. Let them know that we share their ordeal.

    Jean-Paul Roche for the AFPS


    Reverend Robert Poe
    Chicago Committee Against War and Racism

    Thank you for covering Gaza Freedom March. If necessary you may contact me at