Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coming up on Talk Nation Radio 3-25-09 PHR Israel on Gaza, their report on IDF violations of medical ethics and IDF war crimes during Gaza War

March 24, 2009
Dori Smith

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We spend the half hour with Ran Yaron Director of PHR Israel, on Gaza Report, IDF violations of medical ethics and war crimes. He describes the difficulties their organization had during the bombing of Gaza as Palestinians contacted them in desperation, trying to get medical care and help with evacuations.

Agence France Press story here.

Their organization notes some 5,000 Palestinians were wounded and remain in Gaza. 1003 were evacuated with great difficulty, and many died because of delays in getting care.

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We are also available at Archive.org and Radio4all.net. This week's Sprouts was produced at WHUS by Dori Smith and hosted by Emily Corwin of the WHUS show, The Thought Spot.

Listen also to Dori Smith's one hour special Friday March 27, 2009 at 6 PM EDT at WHUS. We interview Ellen Brown, author of the sensational book, Web of Debt, The Shocking Truth about our Money System and How we can Break Free.

Read her introduction here about the international banking cartel, President Andrew Jackson once called the banking cartel a "hydra-headed monster eating the flesh of the common man."

We will be discussing who owns the mega banks, who has decision making interest in international banking, who owns the Federal Reserve, and which US entities or agencies have any type of control over these all important banking systems.

Plus we will look at the US stock market, invest/don't invest? And consider how we can reverse the current economic catastrophe in the USA.

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