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Dori Smith on OccupyWallStreet, What's Wrong with Global Markets? See also Live Feed from Global Revolution, Brooklyn Bridge in NY occupywallstreet

What's wrong with Global Markets?
Part 1, by Dori Smith, producer of Talk Nation Radio, syndica nationally with Pacifica Network.
See part 2 here. (coming up soon on Talk Nation Radio, an interview with David Swanson about Occupywallstreet and why he will be in Washington D.C. in October 2011.

Introduction: We are going to be providing real time analysis of what global markets are doing. We hope to show readers and listeners how the markets move and why. As we provide video and audio of the process, we will discuss who is making money at a given moment and how they are doing it. What we have in mind is empowerment for those who have retirement accounts, 401Ks and IRAs, and who may rely on a brokerage firm to "manage" their money. During NPR coverage on November 25, 2008, former hedge fund manager Andy Kessler noted: "In market panics, there are always dislocations because of forced selling. I mean, someone wakes up and their stock is down 50 percent, and their broker calls up and says, you know what, you got a margin call.---You've got to sell half of your position to pay back the loan we gave you to buy those shares, and so there's just this forced selling."

We will learn more about this as we watch trading actually occurring. In the meantime though, trading on the margin is often combined with a short sale and an option trade. In that situation a person is buying a stock based on where it is at in the moment, and where it will likely be on a specific date in the near future. They don't have say 100,000 to trade but they have 50,000. Where they hit their mark, they make enough to cover the "margin" or "loan" they obtained. Where they do not hit their mark, Wall Street taps them on the shoulder and says: "GIVE US YOUR CASH." In that moment Wall Street is like the IRS, or the bank foreclosing on your house. You cannot refuse lest the sheriff come along and force you to surrender your money. You can learn about margin trading here at, a site where you can also find out information about stocks that trade on the Nasdaq at Wall Street in New York, NY. There is the Dow, (often called the "big board" with "blue chip" stocks, and the Standard and Poors, S+P 500, See more about them here and here. There is also trade information obtainable from Yahoo and Google as well as other online search engines plus hundreds of web pages. One that we read lately is created by Christopher Martenson, who has his social consciousness pretty much aligned with ours on most topics, his site is here.

News flash! On a global basis the media is setting up trade for October 4, 2011, as an "UP" day. See this story here. This is a page for serious day traders and advanced market staffers who often seek out these types of indicators as ways to see the timing, and what will be given to the public as an explanation for events the following day. These types of stories tend to begin appearing at around 4:00 PM on Sunday... for trade the following Monday. Watch the language in these reports as often key phrases will become repetitive throughout the days news cycle. The "pundit" in question seems located in Florida, and he says that "Eurozone swap spreads and capital flight out of Europe" will account for investment in Western markets. He's saying their loss will be our gain, supposedly.

As of October 2011, the rules may have shifted, even for those working for years under the belief that they are able to predict, manage accounts, offer analysis, at the top of their field in market research. The RULES may no longer apply. We may be witnessing the largest global market stress reaction in history, and that would logically be caused by the advance of internet trading and high speed trading of currencies, Gold and Silver, and securities, or stocks. I will also look at the following site: Market Watch, there are a few writers who seem intent on trying to warn people in advance of potential losses, and they appear to be more "progressive" though for the most part financial sites, trade pages, are all about the way markets move, how individual stocks are doing, and more importantly, how they will do today, tomorrow, and next month.

Several analysts have indicated that the market will likely recover some of the losses generated on the final day of the month, a typical sell day as opposed to a buy day. We'll talk about this "schedule" effect, plus how news can lift markets artificially, plus the deceptions of some trade news web pages, and how the pre-market trading and after-market trading affects your earnings. During these "off" times, you as an individual investor may have zero ability to buy or sell anything. However, large hedge funds and major investment firms plus large investors can trade openly and legally. Your stock or commodity or bond can be bought, sold off, collapsed, during such times, and you will be powerless to do anything about it. Also note that there are markets set up for future IPOs, stock offerings, like the one that Facebook is making. Mostly wealthy investors are buying shares now, and so when you do get the chance to buy shares in Facebook, they will have already run up the price.

WALL STREET IS ANYTHING BUT TRANSPARENT TO THOSE WHOSE LIFE SAVINGS ARE THERE: It is surprising that these firms manage millions of dollars for people, yet tell the actual investors very little about the process they have bought into. We will try to compensate for that flaw in the system where corporations like Raymond James charged $80.00 per trade. For entering some numbers into a computer and clicking "enter" that trader earned a commission of nearly $100.00. Obviously, that siphoned money out of investor's accounts. Worse yet, the traders would not necessarily buy the stock at the best price, that is, not unless the buyer told them that they wanted a "limit order" entered on their behalf. They would buy a stock or bond or ETF, Electronically Traded Fund, at a set price, no higher, no lower. That simple addition to an order would have meant hundreds of dollars in savings for buyers, yet traders were under no obligation to explain this to their customers. Usually they didn't.

In the case of Raymond James at least, private investors, citizens, often had trouble reaching the person they knew and felt that they could trust. He was but one man after all, and they were unsure about what to do until they spoke with him. Meanwhile, their investment might be tanking, falling with the Dow which lost as much as $500.00 in one day's trade last week.

We'll talk about who makes money and look at the problems for average Americans and people in all countries where there are markets. The people are experiencing a sense that they are invisible now when discussions about "the economy" are going on. As banks and corporations get rescued, they lose more and more of their paychecks annually, lose benefits, pensions, and finally their jobs. The government appears to be increasingly blind to their pain.

Meanwhile, governments and corporations seem to be looking the other way as powerful hedge fund managers and "short sell" traders siphon off money. We will take the lid off of the process, and share what we learned over three years of researching global markets.

Finally, we will look at the way the media is used to telegraph trade information to brokers, traders, and individuals, who act in split second buys or sells, thereby coordinating markets daily in vast inside trades.

(From my facebook page) Over the coming days we will be documenting how super computer operators work in sync with media, in the siphoning, and enticing of people to put money in, so they can keep siphoning off your cash right into their accounts. It happens over fractions of a second, as markets go up or down, in all sorts of climates, with all stocks on global markets. It is essentially a feeder stream from your accounts into theirs, a creation of a HUGE vacuum through which they are stealing ALL of the world's wealth including YOURS. Now then, what is to be done about this? Can the US Government stop this process? Several nations have tried to stop one of the key elements of the process, which is short selling. They are reconsidering banning short selling since they learned that it essentially is now the sole process leading markets, oil, gold, and commodities, to rise... Other than their input the markets would remain flat during times of zer growth. When the whole house of cards in THEIR DECK begin to fall apart, that is when they have to collapse the market again in order to begin again the process of setting up the siphoning off programs, resetting the public mind set, getting all investors and traders and markets set up to start over...with "RESTORED CONFIDENCE" supposedly. All of the corporate media globally works WITH not against this process, though some news people are beginning to understand that the crisis affects them too. We will be documenting what we have learned over the past two years of watching... hope you will tune in

Let's all wish one another luck with any retirement fund money that may be left after the 2008 raid, and the present one... we're going to need it. That, and unity.

Dori Smith, 2:30 Sunday, October 2, 2011 AND UPDATED at 4:00 PM.
See part 2 here.

Live Feed from Global Revolution, Brooklyn Bridge in NY occupywallstreet We copied the "embed" line while protesters were on the Brooklyn Bridge. You too can "embed" the URL for this viewer so that during their live feed coverage you can see in real time what is happening as global societies reject corporate greed and loss of democratic systems.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

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