Friday, November 26, 2010

No Holiday for Soldiers with PTSD, Jeff Hanks case, plus US in MidEast and Nukes with David Lindorff

Talk Nation Radio for November 25, 2010
No Holiday for Soldiers with PTSD
US Soldier Jeff Hanks with More on PTSD and War Update on Hanks Case plus Analysis of US in Middle East
through another Holiday Season for 2010

Comments from Sarah Lazare in this report, see here, here

Produced by Dori Smith
TRT: 28:06 (note time difference this week as an exception to our usual 29+ time)
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We hear the second part of our interview with 1st Infantryman Jeff Hanks who went AWOL to avoid redeployment to Afghanistan. Hanks had a panic attack at the airport when he was about to ship out for the Middle East again... he went AWOL to try to get mental health treatment. Hanks turned himself in shortly after our interview, and his efforts to get care have been mixed.

We also hear more from David Lindorff about a seldom discussed aspect of the MidEast wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fact that another nuclear arms race has been catalyzed. With all the talk about global security after 9/11, we review the aftermath of Bush/Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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