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The Outer Limit of CIA Crime, LSD and Murder, H.P. Albarelli Jr on Talk Nation Radio

The Outer Limit of CIA Crime, LSD and Murder, H.P. Albarelli Jr on Talk Nation Radio

H.P. Albarelli, Jr., 'A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson, and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments', 2009, Trine Day.

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Produced by Dori Smith, Storrs, CT

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We continue our discussion with H.P. Albarelli Jr., author of the ground breaking book, ‘A Terrible Mistake, the Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments’. We are discussing top-secret operations involving mind control and the use of LSD and other chemicals. There was MKULTRA, Artichoke, Bluebird, and MKNAOMI: They were criminal, and they left a trail of victims in US mental hospitals, prisons, and military bases.

Frank Olson was a top-level researcher for the Army involved in chemical warfare projects and aerosol delivery systems. On November 28, 1953, the cold war scientist went flying out of a window and fell 170 feet to his death. He had been unwittingly dosed with LSD and for decades people thought he had been affected by the hallucinogen and committed suicide. H.P. “Hank” Albarelli proved that Olson was murdered. He identifies the killers and calls for accountability.

THE OUTER LIMITS: (clips: O.B.I.T., a team of paranoid military leaders has deployed OBIT throughout America, and ultimately, a security breach leads to murder. O.B.I.T. is a first computer) We take a look back at a 1963 episode of the TV show, The Outer Limits, and how producers of the show examined the moral questions involved in government and military mind control experiments with “O.B.I.T.” a device introduced to US officials by an alien. It lets them to watch people, read their minds, and even kill them. What would it do to the project, and to the researchers themselves? Much like the real life CIA and Army experiments we discuss with Hank Albarelli, in the TV version, people left spouses, became alcoholics, and committed suicide.

The experiments Hank Albarelli writes about seemed like science fiction to early CIA and Army researchers. Ultimately though, their efforts would form the foundation for later technical developments.

This program is part of our series on accountability for the US and Israel, policies involving assassination, war, and misuse of the public trust. We’ll be looking at the origins of CIA projects that most Americans know nothing about, projects that helped shape the way the US Government conducts security policy and war, and deals with the worlds biggest corporations on matters involving billions, trillions, in profits and untold fortunes in US tax dollars.

In his ground breaking book published in 2009 by Trine Day, H.P. or Hank Albarelli’s provides shocking new detail about a top level researcher who was part of a CIA and Army chemical warfare project involving among other things, LSD. How he was secretly dosed with LSD just prior to falling 170 to his death. For decades people thought he committed suicide, Hank Albarelli proves that he was murdered, identifies the killers, and calls for accountability.

On November 28th 1953, Frank Olson, a top level researcher involved in US chemical warfare projects including those with LSD, was secretly given the hallucinogen. While it was in his system he fell 170 feet to his death. For years people thought he committed suicide. H.p., Hank, Albarelli’s book documented the case as a murder. His book takes us through the history of America's premier intelligence agency, as cold warriors used their experiences garnered during WWII to conduct experiments rivaling what the Nazis did. Their argument was that this was for national security purposes. Yet, small children were secretly and repeatedly dosed with LSD. They were orphans, and they were sequestered at Harvard University for extensive research.

US soldiers, patients in mental hospitals, thousands of individuals had their lives ruined or even taken by these experiments. The US also conducted experiments in France using aerosol spray delivered LSD and poisons. It was part of a psychotic warfare effort where there were no holds barred, but it has continued.

We show the link between the lack of accountability for crimes against humanity and war crimes, and the fact that the CIA, Army and other branches, have continued to develop horrific poisons, toxins, hallucinogens, and other 'weapons' that are in use for both warfare and interrogation of prisoners detained in the so-called, "war on terror".

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