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Mairead Maguire on Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Sanction Israel to wage peace, Francis A. Boyle, Obama, Rein in Netanyahu, and Nora Barrows Friedman

Talk Nation Radio for March 17, 2010
Mairead Maguire on Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Francis A. Boyle and Nora Barrows Friedman

9th+Nobel+Peace+Prize+World+Summit+Day+2+HwF3NTWnS9bmNobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire urges Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel. Attorney Francis A. Boyle calls for President Obama to rein in Netanyahu Government.

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This week's Talk Nation Radio features Mairead Maguire, Attorney Francis A. Boyle, and Nora Barrows Friedman. (Listen to our previous interview with Nora here)

Peace+Activists+Arrive+In+Gaza+KHAFMDcMWbdlMairead Maguire served as a juror at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, which opened March 1st and issued it's recommendations, see here.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan
on ISM activist Rachel Corrie

Mairead Maguire called U..S. Peace activist and ISM member Rachel Corrie, "an American heroine", during an interview with Talk Nation Radio 3/15/10, she said: "Rachel Corrie, and there is a beautiful video about her life and when she was only a young girl at school, there is a lovely video of her talking when she was only ten about the poor in the world and about injustice and how she wanted to do something; She went to be with the Palestinians, she was in Gaza, she lived beside a doctor and his wife and three children and when the Israeli bulldozers came to destroy their home Rachel stood in front of that house and unfortunately she herself was killed by the bulldozer. She just is a wonderful American heroine and to me so inspirational because she was totally non violent. She cared for the poor and she cared for anybody who suffered injustice. And my heart is very much with her mother and father and her family who are currently fighting for the recognition that what happened to their daughter was wrong and an injustice. International people who go to these places and who put their lives on the line, non violently, because those of us who don't believe in violence of any kind, the only thing we have is non violent civil disobedience and the truth, and she is just a tremendous inspiration, I hope not only to myself but also to the American people as an American heroine who believed in speaking the truth to power." ...this show will air on WHUS, FM 91.7 at 5
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OPED by Bessy Reyna, Amid Repression, Provocations Of Palestinians, It's Business As Usual
"The tantrum that the Obama administration threw during Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel this month seems to have fizzled out. - The latest misunderstanding between the two countries occurred on the day of Biden's arrival to promote renewed peace talks, which coincided with the announcement of Israel's plan to build a new settlement of 1,600 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, wrote that with this announcement Israel "spat in the Vice President's face."

Biden's immediate reaction was a scathing speech condemning Israel's plan, and its obvious result of derailing the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks before they had begun. But before the end of his three-day visit, Biden wiped the spittle off and attempted to sooth the tensions between the U.S. and Israel". ...continue reading here

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