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Donna Conroy on Corporations Holding Visas for their Foreign Workers

Talk Nation Radio for February 4, 2010
Donna Conroy on Corporations Holding Visas for their Foreign Workers

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We're joined by former IT worker Donna Conroy to talk about the way US corporations are able to hold visas, hiring "H-1bs", citizens from abroad who get hired for their US job openings.

President Obama may be diffusing some voter anger over the bank bail out with his announcement that he will provide TARP bail out money community banks, so they can in tern lend to small businesses. When larger banking companies accepted TARP money the intent was that they lend to small business and the public, however, they have not done so, and it's yet another indication that they are increasingly rejecting assumptions about a social contract that ties them to governments and societies that help them earn profits.

According to Donna Conroy, corporations have little if any loyalty to US workers despite any big incentives they may have received over the years. The question is, what do taxpayers get from corporations they may have helped build, and later on helped bail out, only to find themselves training their replacements who happen to be from China, India, and other countries.

Donna Conroy is Executive Director and Lobbyist for the group, they are supporting a bill written by Democrat Dick Durban of Illinois that would help set limits on the amount of outsourcing of jobs, US based corporations can do.

You can go to the web site for further information on Dick Durban's bill, “"The H-1B and L-1 Visa Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 2009" (S. 887).

Special: We hear a celebration of Black History Month from the Pacifica Radio Archives, clips of civil rights leader Fanny Lou Hammer. Thanks, Brian DeShazor, Archives Director, and Pacifica.

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