Friday, October 23, 2009

David Rovics: News and History in Song

This week's Sprouts: David Rovics: News and History in Song

An interview with David Rovics about his writing and the meaning in his songs.
Produced by Dori Smith, Talk Nation Radio, Storrs, CT

Left KU Channel
Thursday, October 22, 2009 3PM EST
TRT: 28:47
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This week's program:

David Rovics is well known for powerful anti war songs like Operation Iraqi Liberation. We also focus on his songs about under-reported news stories and some of the lesser known figures in world history like Ginger Goodwin of British Columbia, who was killed for standing up for worker's rights.

David Rovics sings about the miners, revolutionaries, and farmers who shaped US and world history. We discuss several Rovics songs including, 'Guanajuato' from his new CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away. This recent song is about a Ciudad de Mexico man who lost his farm and his income after the passage of NAFTA, the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement. In this modern description of what has been happening to many people from Mexico, the farmer loses his life while trying to cross the desert into North America.

Other songs of David Rovics on this week's Sprouts include: Operation Iraqi Liberation, OIL, Saint Patrick Battalion, From Kabul to Khartoum, In the Name of God, John Brown, Berkshire Hills, Brad, Song for Eureka Stockade. These are from the new Rovics CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away, and also from an earlier album, Living in These Times.

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David Rovics is currently touring the USAin performances with Ann Feeney. You can view a video of him performing with ALISTAIR HULETT here.

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